Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A Few Christmas Photos

So today is Boxing Day, and I hope that everyone has had a lovely Christmas! I definately did, and recieved some lovely presents. Going through the photos I took on the day, I thought I'd show a couple here, to give you a little view into my Christmas - well some decorations anyway. ;)

My first Christmas decoration, given to me as a baby. How cute!
Was this photo really neccesary?! Haha.

 And why not add some photos of my two babies?! (Cats to anyone else, haha.)

My lovely 17 year old cat! I think he looks adorable here.
And my naughty 3 year old cat, looking grumpy (due to a camera being shoved in his face?!)
Anyway, that was just a few the photos that I took, I hope you had fun at Christmas, and have an amazing 2013!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Festive, Glitter Nails

So, Christmas is just round the corner, and I thought I would paint my nails these gorgeous festive colours. I two Barry M colours, 'Raspberry' and 'Yellow Topaz Glitter', and they work perfectly together, especially for this time of year!

I have tried to create a gradient glitter effect, inspired purely by a 'Sprinkleofglitter' video, that she posted a while back now! I have been meaning to try the technique out ever since watching it, but I thought Christmas was the perfect excuse! ;) 

The two colours I used, 'Yellow Topaz Glitter' (left) and 'Raspberry' (right)

 I started off by painting just one coat of 'Raspberry' to my nails, which is already gorgeous on it's own. I then, after waiting for that to dry, painting a fine coat the glitter polish from around half my nail, to the tips. After that had completely dried (very important!), I painted another coat of glitter from around a quater of the way down, to the tips. I then painted a very small amount again, only to the tips. 

How gorgeous is this glitter polish?! It's mainly gold glitter but has multi-coloured irridesent glitter in it.

My nails finished, baring in mind this photo does NOT do it justice!

 Anyway, that's my nails done. I loved doing this, and I do not have a steady hand, so am not brilliant at nail art, although anyone can do this! If I can, then you definately can. :)

The 'Pretty Quik' nail varnish remover, sold in places such as Boots.
 Oops, and I nearly forgot! If you've ever used glitter nail polish, you will know what an absolute pain it is to remove! This nail varnish remover is great as you just dip your nail in, swirl it around a bit and remove. No nail polish remover will get rid of glitter quickly, but this one is pretty good!